A Message for the EPA

If you knew that the fruit or produce on sale at the grocery could make you or your children sick, would you still feel safe purchasing it? I’m guess the answer is no.

The EPA’s chief administrator, Scott Pruitt seems to feel differently. He recently rejected a ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos, which has been linked to neurodevelopmental disorders in children and acute poisoning of farm workers. In fact, chlorpyrifos is so toxic that the EPA has already restricted its use on certain produce and obtained no-spray buffers around schools, homes, hospitals, daycares, and other public spaces.

Scott Pruitt’s actions are unacceptable.

I’ve been working hard on minimizing the effects that toxic substances have on our communities. In 2016, I spearheaded the passage of chemical safety reform with bipartisan support. The Toxic Substance and Control Act (TSCA) makes sure that the EPA has the tools and resources it needs ensure that the chemicals in our consumer goods and food are safe so that the most vulnerable among us are protected

The purpose of the EPA is to protect human health and the environment, not to serve corporate special interests. We need to send Pruitt and the rest of the Trump administration a message: It’s time to get the EPA back on track.

No one should have to worry that they or their loved ones are being exposed to harmful chemicals. Add your name and call on Scott Pruitt and the EPA to protect health and safety of America’s children and families.