Tell the Trump Administration: Act on Climate Change

The federal government released it Fourth National Climate Assessments, and there are no big surprises. It’s contents confirm what scientists have been saying for years.

The planet is warming. The oceans are rising. The last three years, were the hottest on record.

Most importantly, the assessment stated that greenhouse gases caused human activity are, almost certainly to blame for global warming.

The debate is over. It’s no longer a question of whether our planet is warming or why it is warming. The only thing we need to worry about is how to stop it before it’s too late.

The longer we continue to ignore the science behind climate change, the longer we risk threats to health and public safety.

The assessment also found that climate change is already affecting water resources. It predicted that unless we make changes, parts of the West could face long-term droughts.

When it comes to weathering the damaging effects of climate change, New Mexico is on the front lines. We’ve already experienced droughts and extreme temperatures. If we don’t want this pattern to worsen, we need the Trump administration to stop wasting valuable time.

The science it settled. Tell President Trump and his administration we need to limit the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.