Trump’s No Jedi

Scott Pruitt is firing scientists at the EPA. The Trump administration is systematically ending programs to combat climate change. Trump’s close advisors and associates are under federal investigation for collusion with Russia. Trump allies in Congress are trying to strip Americans of their health care. Trump just took an unprecedented step to close off public lands.

These are the pieces of the Trump agenda — and they’re dangerous. But instead of engaging in thorough debate of these agenda items, what does Trump do?

He tweets. He attacks football players for exercising their constitutional rights. He bullies Hillary Clinton or antagonizes North Korean leaders. He plays the victim, claiming the media is attacking him with “fake news.”

It’s all an attempt at distraction — the Trumpian version of “these are not the droids you’re looking for.”

But Trump is no Jedi. We can see what he’s doing. We know the damage his radical agenda can cause. And we will resist.

2017 was the year of resistance. We need to carry that resistance into 2018 and beyond. If you’re still committed to holding President Trump and his administration accountable, add your name.