Energy Policy

Tom’s view on energy policy can be summed up in six words — do it all, do it right.

Doing it all will allow us to take control of our energy security and spur job growth through a clean energy economy. A sustainable American energy future requires a diverse portfolio, including more renewable sources like wind and solar, efficiency and conservation, along with traditional energy sources like natural gas, domestic oil, and nuclear power.

It also means facing the threat of global warming. As a member of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, Tom supported creating a system of clean energy incentives and limits on pollution — policies that can reduce foreign oil imports and greenhouse gas emissions, while creating nearly two million jobs and billions of dollars in energy savings.

We need to do it all. And we need to do it right, with policies that will allow us to unleash a clean energy economy that leads the world in producing stable middle-class jobs.

Three times during his tenure in Congress, Tom passed a renewable energy standard that could create thousands of American jobs — jobs that cannot be outsourced, and help revitalize rural America. Enacting his plan would also significantly reduce dangerous greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to global warming.

Tom knows that the United States can have an energy policy that works if we do it all, and do it right.