Filibuster Reform and Changing the Way We Do Business in Washington

The American people are tired of gridlock. In order to change the way Washington works Tom has been leading the effort to reform the filibuster.

Today, senators use the filibuster on a massive scale to obstruct legislation. Gone are the days of the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” filibuster, where a senator holds the floor for hour upon exhausting hour. As the rules exist currently, all it takes is a phone call for one senator to derail the entire process.

To put it in perspective, during the six years Lyndon Johnson was Senate Majority Leader he faced only one filibuster. Since Democrats gained a majority in the Senate in 2007, there have been over 380.

In the last Congress, the Senate passed the fewest number of bills in a generation. Non-controversial government nominees were senselessly delayed and countless judicial posts remained vacant. Even worse, senators filibustered important bills like the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act, the DREAM Act, and even a veterans’ jobs bill.

That is why Tom is fighting for filibuster reform through the Constitutional Option. It’s time we institute a “talking filibuster,” and get back to the work that senators were elected to do — grow our economy, invest in our kids, and make the middle class strong and secure.