One in six New Mexico residents receive Social Security. Nearly 330,000 residents rely on Medicare.

America made a promise to our seniors — if you work hard throughout your life, if you pay into the system, then you will be able to rely on Social Security benefits in retirement. Our dignity as a nation is defined not only by the country we build for our children, but also by how well we fulfill our obligations to the generations that came before.

Tom believes that retirement security must be preserved. We need to protect Medicare for our seniors and Medicaid for the most vulnerable among us. Whether it’s reimbursement rates through Medicare or closing the “doughnut hole” that made it harder for seniors to afford life-saving prescriptions, Tom always fights for New Mexico’s seniors.

Seniors shouldn’t be forced to choose between buying their groceries and buying their medication. They shouldn’t have to worry about affording their mortgage payments and affording their health care.

Our seniors have earned their benefits. Tom is committed to making sure those benefit programs remain intact.