Help Protect Voting Rights in New Mexico

We are looking for dedicated, sensible, focused volunteers to serve as Poll Challengers on Election Day.

The goal of a Poll Challenger is to ensure that all eligible voters who want to vote are allowed to vote and that every eligible vote is counted. You are also present to ensure any problems or issues that arise are resolved quickly and correctly.

Challengers are appointed, in writing, for each polling location, by the County Chair of a political party. Challengers must be registered voters in the county you are appointed in. A challenger may not be a candidate for office, family member of a candidate, married to a family member of a candidate, or a law enforcement officer.

You will be asked to be at your assigned precinct all day (before 6 AM until around 8 PM), so please plan accordingly. If you cannot commit to the entire day, half-day shifts are also available.

Challengers are absolutely essential to voter protection efforts. You will be trained on all essential details. Sign up today! Email dprestridge@tomudall.com with questions.