Social Security Petition: NO Cuts, NO Privatization

Generations ago, America made a promise to seniors — if you work hard all your life, if you pay your dues and pay into the system, we will support you when you retire.

We cannot break that promise.

Tom believes we need to find common sense ways to extend the life of the program, like raising the cap for high-earners, instead of benefit cuts that would hurt seniors. And Tom needs to know you’re on his side. Sign the petition today!

Seniors rely on Social Security. The most vulnerable among us rely on Social Security. And I will not stand to see it privatized or cut.

We need to strengthen Social Security, not privatize it. We need to find bipartisan ways to extend the program, like raising the income cap for high-earners — not cut benefits.

We the undersigned stand with Tom Udall in support of Social Security.

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