Support the Affordable Care Act: It’s Working

Recently elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said repealing the Affordable Care Act is the most urgent item on his agenda and that he wants to “replace every word of it.”

I’m deeply bothered by the fact that it’s a priority of Speaker Ryan and this Congress to repeal a law that helps so many people in New Mexico and throughout the country.

Numbers tell the truth. And the truth is that 17.6 million Americans, including more than 52,000 here in New Mexico, now have health insurance because of the law. Our state’s uninsured rate fell by 5% since the law was passed, and now no person can be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions.

Speaker Ryan may have a new position, but he brought all his party’s old ideas with him.

Numbers don’t lie. The Affordable Care Act is working.

Sign your name below and join me in supporting the law and protecting Americans’ access to health care.