Tell President-elect Trump: Make Sure Our Chemical Safety Law Succeeds

In June, President Obama signed a landmark chemical safety law that Tom worked hard to move through Congress. The reform overhauled our outdated laws — requiring greater scrutiny of chemicals and empowering the EPA to review and ban those that pose a serious risk to our safety.

Now, we’re starting to see this law in practice. Ten potentially hazardous chemicals are being evaluated by the EPA for safety.

In fact, the agency just proposed banning the use of a toxic chemical known as TCE. Used by dry cleaners serving millions of people for decades, TCE is a neurotoxin linked to cancer, developmental impacts and liver toxicity. This was the first time in a generation the EPA has been able to do its job to protect the public from dangerous chemicals.

Join Tom and urge President-elect Trump and his administration to implement this new law so it continues to be effective.