Confirm Cordray

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was set up as a watchdog agency against big banks. Its purpose is to protect Americans from the predatory Wall Street practices that brought our economy to the brink of collapse. And right now, it doesn’t have a leader.

Richard Cordray is President Obama’s nominee — and as someone who’s already proven himself a fierce advocate for consumers, he’s clearly the man for the job. But Republicans in the Senate are threatening to filibuster his confirmation — not because they have a problem with him, but because they don’t like “an agency devoted to consumer protection”.

Richard Cordray is fully qualified and credentialed to be a cop on the beat against the big banks — and it’s time the Senate put him on the job. Join Tom and tell the Senate: Confirm Cordray now.

Members of the Senate:

American consumers need a cop on the beat at the CFPB to make sure big banks can’t take advantage of people.

Richard Cordray is fully qualified. And it’s time we put him to work to protect middle class Americans.

Confirm Richard Cordray immediately.

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