Tell Congress: Don't rush into Syrian Civil War

Right now, Congress is considering sending heavy weapons to rebels in Syria — and some are even calling for U.S. military intervention in another Middle Eastern conflict.

These weapons could one day be turned against the U.S. and our allies. Instead, we should focus on humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people and diplomatic efforts to end this horrific civil war.

Tom is one of only three Senators on record so far against arming the Syrian rebels with U.S. heavy weapons. Sign the petition below to join him.

Members of Congress:

If we send weapons to Syria, we have no control over where they will go, and we risk further entangling America in another dangerous Middle Eastern conflict.

Syrian President Assad should be removed from power. However, we cannot risk putting weapons in the hands of groups who could use them against us and our allies in the future.

I stand with Senator Tom Udall. Don’t intervene in Syria by sending weapons.

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