Oppose the Ryan Plan

For the third year in a row, the House passed the extreme “Ryan Plan.” Instead of a budget that reduces the deficit, the House passed this radical, Tea Party-inspired plan that turns Medicare into a voucher system and cuts vital programs for middle class families, all while lowering tax rates for the top 1 percent and huge corporations that ship jobs overseas.

It’s great for the wealthy and corporate interests. It’s terrible for the middle class.

Tom opposes the Ryan Plan. Show the right wing that you’re on his side!

Members of the House of Representatives,

The Ryan Plan ends Medicare as we know it and gives our seniors vouchers instead. It gives tax breaks to the super wealthy and huge corporations instead of middle class Americans.

The Ryan Plan is so extreme that when it came to the Senate, Democrats and Republicans voted it down.

Three times they’ve tried to jam this radical bill through. Three times it’s been rejected.

I oppose the Ryan Plan, and call on you to enact a balanced plan that reduces the deficit and works for middle class families.

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