Join Tom and Fight to Save it

Medicare has provided seniors and the most vulnerable Americans with financial and health security for more than half a century.

More than 50 million Americans rely on Medicare to pay for hospital visits, life-saving procedures, prescriptions, and checkups.

But that could all go out the window if Speaker Paul Ryan gets his way. He’s wanted to phase-out Medicare as we know it for a long time — and with President Obama gone and President Trump in office he could get the chance.

Medicare ensures seniors can lead dignified lives. After working hard and paying into the system, they’ve earned the right to depend on it when they retire. That’s the promise.

Speaker Ryan wants to break this promise. He wants to push future generations into the private health insurance market. If his voucher system doesn’t cover the cost of a plan — Americans will be left high and dry.

We need to come together, make some noise, and make sure Speaker Ryan and Republicans know Americans want Medicare left intact. Sign here to protect Medicare.