Join Tom: Hold Trump and his Ultra-Wealthy Cabinet Accountable

We will not be duped by President Trump’s glaring hypocrisy.

Trump campaigned rigorously on the promise that he, and he alone, could rid Washington of insiders and special interest groups. He promised voters he would put them first and “drain the swamp.”

But what did President Trump actually do?

He swiveled 180 degrees and assembled the wealthiest cabinet in history. They are a collection of former Goldman Sachs executives, hedge fund managers, Wall Street tycoons, lobbyists, and mega-rich CEOs with deep conflicts of interests in the industries they’re regulating.

Trump’s pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services wants to dismantle Medicare and undo health care reform. His Education Secretary has yet to address her PAC’s flagrant campaign finance violations, which were all in the pursuit of influencing education policy, and his Treasury Secretary, a former Goldman employee, is already calling to loosen regulations on Wall Street.

After just 24 days Trump’s National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn had to resign after press reports of a serious national security breach.

Trump himself refuses to fully divest from his business. Instead, he’s handing it off to his sons with no plan in place to make sure they don’t discuss company operations or the inner workings of the U.S. government.

We can’t let President Trump’s cabinet be a shadow cabinet for Wall Street or Big Oil, and we can’t let Trump compromise our country’s economy or diplomatic relations to serve his own business.

We have to hold Trump and his Cabinet accountable for being transparent and implementing policies that help middle-class families — not their own fortunes.

Please add your name to the list and pledge to hold Trump and his administration accountable.