Return the Power to the People
End Citizens United

It’s been eight years since the Supreme Court handed down the Citizens United decision — and our political system has never been the same since.

After eight years, we can safely say Citizens United failed miserably. It’s undermined our democracy by allowing those with the most money to wield the most influence in government.

When there is no limit to what mega-corporations and billionaires can spend saturating the airwaves for the candidate of their choosing, it’s a problem.

Citizens United incentivizes elected leaders to put the concerns of the wealthy donors who carried them to victory over the concerns of everyday Americans.

Our elections should be about what candidate has the better ideas, not who has the richest friends.

We need to return the power back to the people. A democracy works best when everyone has an equal voice.

Join Senator Tom Udall and support a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United. Let’s stop the corrosive influence of unlimited spending in our political system.