Albuquerque Journal: Editorial: Udall right, surveillance requires accountability

Albuquerque Journal Editorial:

Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., is expanding that accountability with dual proposals to reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, creating a Special Advocate with the power to argue on behalf of the right to privacy and other rights of the American people as well as reforming the judicial appointment process to ensure geographic and ideological diversity when it comes to questions of national security, privacy and liberty.

Despite then-President George W. Bush’s claims of “Mission Accomplished” and President Barack Obama’s decree that the war on terror must at some point end, the weekend State Department closure of 21 embassies in the Muslim world in light of al-Qaeda threats shows counter-terrorism surveillance remains the new reality.

But under that reality, the Senate and Udall, a former prosecutor, are right to demand that Americans get “the assurance that their civil liberties are not being swept aside behind closed doors.”

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