Albuquerque Journal: IAIA celebrates its 50th year in D.C. style

Sen. Tom Udall told a story about driving across New Mexico on a summer vacation with his family when he was a 14-year-old kid. The family was headed home to Arizona when a bearing burned and their car caught fire in Santa Fe. No one was hurt, but the car was toast. IAIA Founder Lloyd New happened upon the distressed Udalls and gave them food and shelter until they could arrange for a new car. The chance meeting turned out to be fortuitous not only for the Udalls, but also for the IAIA.

That’s because Udall’s legendary father, Stewart, was secretary of the Interior under Kennedy at the time. Stewart Udall, who eventually moved to Santa Fe until his death in 2010, became a lifelong IAIA fan.

“My father tried to do everything he could to see that they had the resources they needed,” Udall, now a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, recalled. “I have very special feelings for IAIA and I always love it when I visit the campus.”

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