Albuquerque Journal: Senate To Speed Up Its Business

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday to change its rules to speed up business in the chamber, but it stopped short of abolishing the 60-vote threshold for defeating a filibuster.

Sen. Tom Udall, a New Mexico Democrat who led a charge to dramatically reform the filibuster by forcing those who want to obstruct legislation to take the floor and talk, voted in favor of the narrower rules reform package. But he also vowed to continue his fight for more extensive filibuster reform.

“I think we made some progress,” Udall told the Journal after the vote. “It isn’t everything that I want, but it’s seldom you get everything you want. I’m not done fighting to change the way we do business.”

Udall said the agreement would alter the way the Senate handles nominations, conference committees and motions to proceed to debate on legislation. The changes will also make filibusters more transparent and bring objectors to the chamber for actual debate, Udall said.