Huffington Post: January’s Most Important Vote: The Senate Vote to Fix the Filibuster

While media attention has been focused on the “fiscal cliff,” the January 1st vote and the upcoming debt ceiling battle, a more important vote is scheduled for the Senate next week: the reform of the Senate filibuster rules.

The need for reform is obvious: the explosion of filibusters (more than 300 during the past 6 years — as compared to, say, one in the six years that Lyndon Johnson ran the Senate). The legislation that could never come to the floor (ex. The Dream Act for undocumented children, The Disclosure Act to require reporting of big political contributors to independent groups). And the legislation that has been weakened in order to get to 60 votes (including Obamacare).

The reform proposal of Democratic Senators Jeff Merkley (OR), Tom Harkin (IA) and Tom Udall (NM) would limit the number of filibusters on any single piece of legislation. No more blocking motions to bring a bill to the floor or motions to start the conference committee process.