Santa Fe New Mexican: Bill to move advances in tech to marketplace

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., said Monday he is working on a change in federal law that would better move technological advances from national laboratories to the marketplace.

The measure was discussed at a conference dubbed “Technology Transfer: Key to New Mexico’s Future,” sponsored by Santa Fe Community College, the Regional Development Corp. and Technology Ventures Corp., a nonprofit formed by Lockheed Martin Corp, to assist the energy department with business development.

Tentatively called The Technology Transfer Invention, Innovation and Implementation Act, Udall’s bill is designed to better facilitate public-private partnerships at the federal, state and regional levels.

“New Mexico is well-positioned to build on the cutting-edge research being done at the national labs, universities and military installations and turn it into high-tech jobs in communities across our state. But improved coordination at (the Department of Energy) between government and private enterprise is critical to creating successful high-tech industries,” Udall said Monday.

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