The Deming Headlight: Sen. Udall weighs in on Immigration Reform

Sen. Tom Udall says the big challenge in passing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation will be maintaining the core of the bill as amendments are offered or taken away through debate.

The bill, drafted by the bipartisan group of congressman dubbed the “Gang of 8,” currently sits in committee, but Sen. Udall, D-NM, expects it will reach the Senate floor after the Memorial Day break.

“I think the biggest challenge is going to be maintaining the core of the bill while making changes that make it stronger,” he said. “The last time around when we did this, it cratered when it was pulled apart. People, I think with well intentions, were trying to change parts of it, I’m talking in the past now, in that 2007 period; they thought they were making changes that would improve it. In fact, it brought it down.”

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