The Raton Range: A Sweet 90 Years: Family still keeping restaurant ‘going forward’; Jim Pappas and partner opened candy, ice cream store in 1923

There is an autographed photograph of Kevin Costner hanging on a wall in Pappas’ Sweet Shop Restaurant. No, Kevin Costner did not dine at the Sweet Shop. His parents did.

Co-owner Ann Marie Rigdon says her mother (the late Joy Pappas) liked to tell the story of “a real nice couple that came into the restaurant to eat and then looked around the gift shop.” For about 25 years, Joy Pappas ran Cory Jo’s Gift Shop, which was situated in the spot where the restaurant’s coffee shop is nowadays.

Ann Marie recounts her mother’s story of her encounter with the parents of the famous actor. “They wanted to purchase something, but were traveling and didn’t have room to take it with them. My mom offered to ship it for them and they were delighted. They visited for a while and as they were leaving, they told my mom they would send her an autographed picture of their son for being so nice and helping them out. It turns out their son is Kevin Costner and we still have his picture on the wall.”