Blog Post: the CIA’s interrogation tactics

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 were a national tragedy that must never be forgotten. But in the wake of those terrible events, we compromised the values that make our nation great. A Senate Intelligence Committee report details brutal acts used by the U.S. Intelligence community — tactics that no civilized nation should engage in — and that I believe are torture and a violation of international law. While we must act to prevent another attack, I don’t believe that includes torture.

The committee’s report lays bare instances of physical assaults, death, threats, and sexual abuses used on detainees. The committee found that those tactics were no more effective than other means, that all reliable information was gained before torture techniques were employed, and that we mistakenly tortured our allies.

Simply put, the committee found that the CIA’s techniques did not work.

History will judge us for what we have done — but also by what we will do as we move forward as a nation.

Since that time, President Obama ordered a stop to these inhumane practices. But this report stands as a reminder of a terrible chapter in our nation’s history and a lesson for future generations.

– Tom