Huffington Post: Unhappy Anniversary, Democracy… But Together We Can​ Fix You

Six years ago this week, the U.S. Supreme Court created a Wild West of campaign finance regulations. With their decision in Citizens United, five justices set the stage for a flood of secret special interest money trying to buy elections nationwide. But with the race for the White House well underway, voters are only now seeing the full consequences of unchecked political spending.

From the Iowa caucuses to local elections in Las Cruces, N.M., Super PACs have taken center stage. They host fundraisers headlined by their candidates and spawn field operations with canvassers on their payroll. Just recently, the Federal Election Commission — which is supposed to enforce our election laws — decided in a 4-2 vote that candidates themselves need all but ask a wealthy donor for a blank check to their supportive Super PAC. These shadowy organizations are upending campaigns as we know them — with near impunity — and shaping elections as a result.