Los Alamos Monitor: Marchers find protests inspiring

Los Alamos citizens who participated in the Women’s March on Washington in Washington, D.C. and Santa Fe were invigorated by the event and inspired to further action.

News sources estimate that more than 500,000 people attended the march in Washington with more than 1 million people demonstrating throughout the U.S. Local news sources such as the Santa Fe New Mexican and KOB News place the Santa Fe march at between 10,000 and 15,000 people.

Two Los Alamos County councilors attended the Santa Fe rally.
Vice Chair Susan O’Leary attended with her daughter.

“She’s 11 years old, and I brought her because I want her to know that her voice matters and that it’s always a good thing for her to stand up for herself and to let her government know what she expects of them,” O’Leary said.
O’Leary found the march to be very positive.

“People were excited, they were proud to be marching,” O’Leary said. “I was really proud to be there.”

“The whole thing was truly inspirational,” Councilor Chris Chandler said.
Chandler estimates that more than 50 women drove down from Los Alamos. She almost did not go because the weather was so bad. Now she’s glad she did.